GeoMEMs Borehole Surveying Resource Centre

This page contains links to sources of information of relevence to those working in, or interested in, borehole surveying.

Most of the information has been gathered by GeoMEM when providing support to customers, or during research for articles for publication.

Some of the links are internal to GeoMEMs web site but most will lead to other web sites (NOTE: GeoMEM are not responsible for the content of, or opinions expressed on, external web sites). Please let us know if a link no longer works.

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Reference, Information and Data Sources

Useful sources of information for day to day use in surveying.

  • NOAA National Geophysical Data Center - Magnetic field calculator (External Link). Calculate the estimated Earth magnetic field components for your location for any date: Declination; Inclination; Horizontal Intensity; North, East and Vertical components; Total Field.
    ** This is required data for surveys produced by any magnetic EMS survey tool **
  • Drillhole De-Surveying - Steve Henley (2000) (External link). Background and history of the various methods used for de-surveying - with special reference to the Datamine software (Steve was a founding director of, and main programmer for, Datamine). This was published in: Earth Science Computer Applications, v.16, no.2, p.3-5.

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Drilling related Organisations / Associations

  • British Drilling Association (BDA) (External Link). For "those who drill holes in the ground, manufacture / supply drilling rigs & equipment, or have a general or real interest in ground drilling".

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Historical Interest

Items for those interested in researching the history of, background to, borehole survey instruments.

  • Deep borehole surveys and problems M H Haddock (1931) (External Link). Publication available from this in various formats.
    Detailed book and study describing the variety of borehole surveying methods known in 1930-1931. Considers the history and development of survey instruments from the mid 1800's up to 1931 (when the first Gyros were making an impact).
    There are some fantastic and amazing surveying instruments here, including core orientation apparatus from 1844. Almost everything that we are doing today in borehole surveying and measurement had been thought of and implemented by the 1930's. The main thing that has changed is the technology! What, astoundingly, appears to have changed very little are the pleas for use of surveying tools and concerns about surveying accuracy.
  • The Fotobor System, Mats T Haglund. (Internal link, PDF) - An Integrated System of Bore Hole Measurement with Depth Prognostication, Curvature Drilling Hole Branching and Core Orientation Within the Field of Diamond Drilling Technique
    Document describing the methods, formulae, calculations, theoretical background and other considerations in the development of the Fotobor photographic based, non-magnetic survey instrument.
    There is a short Introduction by the inventor, Mats Haglund, written in November 1987, though this is likely to be well after the original document was produced because all the formulae and other information appear in the Fotobor operators manual from 1980.

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