"FlexIT" SmartTool (EMS) Support zone

The FlexIT SmartTool electronic multi-shot was launched by the FlexIT AB company of Sweden in 1999. Until it was made obsolete in 2008 it was one of the market leaders in non-magnetic, EMS survey tools world-wide.

GeoMEM were entirely responsible for the development, maintainance and support of the PC based software and were involved in accredited training of both the Help Centres (independent national resellers) and client field staff.

Because of our intimate involvement in the development of the systems and software from it's inception to maturity GeoMEM are in the unique position of being able to provide support and help for the software and some aspects of the tool operation.

Offical support for the SmartTool (from the tool manufacturer) is due to end in 2012. However, having been in the borehole survey instrument business since 1980, GeoMEM is fully aware that these robust tools will be used for years to come.

GeoMEM supplies specialised and timely support to help you with any problems you may have when operating the software and working with your surveys. Recent examples:

  • Rescuing several 500-1000m surveys from the system log file when the StoreIT introduced "1937" bug caused failure after download. Saved client the cost of re-surveying.
  • Fixed a suite of survey files that had been surveyed with the SmartTool upside down. Saved hours of manual data change and inability to use the raw data files.

In addition to file correction we can provide our remote (on-line) support to resolve your problem as quickly as possible.


On this page we have provided some support documents and information:


MeasureIT crashes during MultiShot download from StoreIT

Problem: The MeasureIT program crashes when you try to download one or more MultiShot surveys from the StoreIT Datapad and you cannot access any of the data files.

This seems to happen every so often with some StoreIT datapads. Full details and solutions are given on the 1937 Download Error sheet (PDF size: 179 Kb).


Changing the SensIT battery

Download a PDF document taking you through the steps to change the SensIT "white stick" battery.


The Single Shot data files

For those using the SmartTool for single shot surveys it is useful to know how to work with the simple flat "database" files and perform some administrative tasks. These are not built in to the software.

The SmartTool Single-Shot database file guide (pdf download 300 Kb) offers some help on working with these files.


The StoreIT Maintenance Menu & Time/Date reminder

Change the tool Serial number; Linear units(Metres/Feet); Temperature units (C or F); Clear StoreIT survey memory and; Stop a Multishot download. Reminder about setting Time/Date correctly.

The StoreIT maintenance menu guide (pdf download 375 Kb) takes you through these extra options in your StoreIT.


Power point presentations

These presentations take you through the operational background and the operations of the tool and the software.

  1. EMS Surveys.ppt (365 Kb) - Powerpoint presentation given to the Irish Association of Economic Geologists (IAEG), by James Tweedie, in September 2009. Information about the sensors, what they record and general information about EMS type instruments. Although based on SmartTool it can be applied to a greater or lesser extent to all EMS survey tools.
  2. PPTMagicMS.ppt (400 Kb) - Powerpoint prestation explaing the background to, and use of, the Magnetic Integrity Check (AKA Magic) within the MeasureIT software. Software is specific to the SmartTool but background magnetic info applies to any magnetic survey instrument.
  3. PPTMS.ppt (1.1 Mb) - slightly "salesy" presentation - but summarises running a multishot survey using the SmartTool. useful for anyone using the SmartTool for the first time.
  4. Training2RWB.ppt (11.5 Mb) - Training presentation. Still relevant for SmartTool operation today. Just ignore the 10 year battery life claim - the battery type was changed in 2003 and is now a user replaceable one with a life of 1 to 6 months depending on usage.

Items 2 to 4 were created by Richard Braithwaite (formerly of Encore Borehole Surveys) in the early days of the SmartTools existence. Although they feature older versions of the software the processes and methods are still relevant to the present software. The tool itself and its operation, of course, has remained the same.

In 2002 Richard was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease and was forced to close his business (he was the UK and Ireland help centre for FlexIT). Richard was a great innovator and supporter of the SmartTool and he developed these PPPs for his training courses which were delivered with humour and enthusiasm to many users around the world. GeoMEM are grateful to have permission from Richard and his family to make these available for SmartTool users.

If you wish to show appreciation for any of these presentations a donation to Parkinson's UK would be appreciated.

There is more about Richard and his contribution to the Drilling industry in a "Hall of Fame" article (PDF Mb) that appeared in GeoDrilling International in April 2009.