Professional Borehole Surveyors Group (on LinkedIn)

As someone involved in borehole surveying since 1980 I set up the Professional Borehole Surveyors Group (on LinkedIn) to provide a voice and a forum for those involved in borehole surveying in their professional work.

I believe that those people surveying boreholes should be accorded a professional status (in much the way that land surveyors and quantity surveyors are). A fairly detailed knowledge and experience of borehole surveying instruments and techniques is required to get the best results and this should be both recognised and encouraged in our industry.

Borehole surveying is much more widely accepted (more so in some sectors than others) than it was 2 decades ago, but in many cases it is still seen as an "optional" extra or something that would be "nice to have if only we had the time / money / staff !".
The Professional Borehole Surveyors Group seeks to extend support for, and education about, borehole surveying: Instruments; Techniques; Applications and Data processing.


James Tweedie
GeoMEM Ltd