Demo, trial and evaluation software downloads

Please use the form below to obtain demonstration, trial or evaluation versions of some of the software products supplied by GeoMEM.

If you want demo or trial software please use your business, work or university email address. IMPORTANT: An email is sent to this address with the link to your demo download. Please make sure it is valid.
Be assured: We will ONLY use this email address to contact you about the demo software.

For Geo-reka 30 day trial software please go to the Geo-reka request page.

Further information about the software on this site

Golden Software products:

  • Surfer - contouring and 3D surface plotting.
  • Voxler - 3D volumetrics plotting / 3D visualisation.
  • MapViewer - low cost mapping (sub-GIS) package.
  • Didger - Digitising system (paper and screen) with co-ordinate system conversion.
  • Strater - low cost borehole log and cross section application.
  • Grapher - versatile 2D geoscience graphing applicatio

Rockware products:

  • Rockworks / Rockworks Utilities - Geological, geo-environmental and borehole data management, analysis, display and visualisation software: 14 days or 50 uses.
  • LogPlot - Advanced borehole log plotting software

Mitre Software products:

Dr Mike Ranger / AppleCORE:

Pangaea Scientific:

  • MyFault - Fault analysis / slip geomtery software.
  • Orion - software to measure attitudes of geological strata / structures from satellite imagery.
  • SpheriStat - stereonets, structural maps and rose diagrams.