Mapping and Map Production

We all use maps and they are a great way to visually present geographic information (as well as help us to get from A to B).

Mapping software allows us to do a great deal with maps and makes the production and editing of a variety of maps straightforward - including basic maps, topographic maps, geological maps, statistical maps, population maps, demographics, sales maps, distribution network maps, postcode maps and so on.

Mapping may be from the small scale (e.g. impurities on a silicon chip) to the larger scales normally associated with maps (countries, continents and so on).

Many mapping applications now allow for the third dimension - that is, they include 3D terrain modelling - or indeed - solid modelling (volumetrics).

GeoMEM has been supplying map making software since 1987. The following applications represent our current range (all link to popular GIS file formats for import/export):



MapViewer from Golden Software is a great map-making product. Originally released as a fairly basic mapping and geographic data display application it has now moved into areas usually associated with top flight (and top cost) GIS systems at a fraction of the cost.

Despite it’s name MapViewer is most definitely NOT just a Map Viewing application (unfortunately the more suitable MapMaker name was already in use when MapViewer was launched). If/when you need to create maps (anything from basic maps up to complex maps with masses of statistical data) then MapViewer will handle this with ease, minimum cost and minimum learning curve.

We were always taught that "you get what you pay for". MapViewer may be the exception that proves the rule - it offers features that would normally be associated with software at least twice it's price! If you need to produce maps or thematic maps then MapViewer represents tremendous value.



Surfer is another product from Golden Software and is one of their original mapping applications - the first version was released in the early 1980's. GeoMEM have been supplying Surfer since 1987 and it is a continuously popular software application for many branches of the earth sciences (in industry, research and teaching). It is frequently used as the data processing and/or display part of specialised data gathering or monitoring systems and is considered an industry standard.

It creates contour and 3D surface maps (terrain models) from 3D information (X,Y,Z points). Contour and terrain maps can include the usual mapping components (points, lines and polygons) and a wide range of map and data presentation options are available.

Surfer customers have used the software to map: Impurities on silicon chips (micro scale); Cross sectional temperatures in nuclear reactors; Golf courses (for design); Quarries; Geochemical analyses; Archaeological digs; Rock sampling points; Contaminant concentrations; amongst many others. If you've got 3D data (X,Y and one or more Zs) then Surfer can probably help you analyse and display it - a great visualisation tool.


RockWorks / RockWorks Utilities

Rockworks and RockWorks Utilites are the geologic data management applications from Rockware. Like Surfer these applications have been around (in various forms) since the mid 1980's.

Both applications can produce contour maps, 3D surface maps and Terrain models as part of their geological data management process. They also produce 3D solid models and volumetric diagrams.

This software is used mostly in: Exploration (minerals and petroleum); Geotechnical/construction; Environmental; Mining/Quarrying. It is also used in areas such as Archaeology and related.

RockWorks integrates with borehole information (this is missing from Surfer) to allow mapping and modelling of borehole data in three dimensions.

RockWorks Utilities does not include the Borehole Manager system.


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