GeoMEM Solutions

If you don't know exactly what item of software or what instrument you need then the range of products on our website can be a bit daunting.

To help you decide we have put together a "Solutions" section which describes various application areas and where we suggest the products that may be most appropriate for your requirements.

To use this you can either click on a link below or select an option on the Solutions menu.

As always, if you need personal guidance and advice please do not hesitate to phone GeoMEM on +44 (1828 650618) or LoCall (UK only) 0845 6446 284.


  • Blast design
  • Borehole logging / log production
  • Borehole surveying - background to surveying and some survey tools available from GeoMEM.
  • Contour maps
  • Core orientation summary about core orientation and the DEVICO DeviCore.
  • Digitising - producing vector maps and diagrams from paper and scanned maps and diagrams, aerial and satellite photographs. Automatic digitising.
  • Drill automation
  • Graphs and statistics - ranging from simple 2 variable line graphs through complex multi-variate graphs to specialised graphs such as: Ternary; Piper and Stiff. Data analysis and/or statistics often integral part of the software.
  • Mapping/digitising
  • Map production / mapping - creating various maps: basic; thematic; demographic; statistical; geological, etc.


Updating of the Solutions section is ongoing at present. Sections will be extended and added over the coming months. If an item is listed but not linked please phone us for guidance and advice.