Graphs, Graphing, Data analysis and Statistics

Graphs of various types are produced on a daily basis by those involved in research in most scientific disciplines.
Graphs provide a way of visualising and presenting our data as well as helping us understand the relationships between various data.

If your only experience of producing graphs is from Excel and you've become frustrated with Excels clumsiness and inflexibility then the graphing/data analysis applications described here will be a revelation!

The various graphing applications shown here allow you complete control over the appearance, layout and design of your graph and include a considerable number of data analysis and/or statistical processes.


Grapher from Golden Software

Grapher was first released in the early 1980's as a DOS application from Earth Science developers Golden Software. GeoMEM has been selling it since 1987 and it has proved popular with earth scientists because it provides some useful more specialised graph types (such as Ternary diagrams). It includes a full range of 2D graph types as well as statistical fitting.
Grapher has 3D graphing capabilities - for both XYY and XYZ graphing and includes automation (VB scripts) to allow automation and external control of Graphers functions. It also allows on-screen digitising from raster images - great for when you want to copy and update a graph from an old paper source. There is the usual wide range of import and export options that we have come to expect from Golden Software and it integrates with the rest of the Golden Software range (E.g. Use with Surfer to produce cross sections).

Grapher provides the graphing and data analysis functionality required by most Earth Scientists in a single application.


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