GeoMEM Solutions: Borehole Logging / Log production

Borehole log production software is designed to produce high/report quality logs from your lithological core logging - together with related data such as: Assays; Downhole geophysics; Downhole geochemistry; Instrumentation; Casing; Structural data; Photographs etc.

They usually allow considerable customisation of the log layout, including one or more Header / Footer areas and the main lithological and data log area.
Text descriptions, numerical data and graphics are available for the log and a range of printing and exporting options allow inclusion in reports or movement of data to other software.
Example logs and templates are provided with the system which can be adapted to users own requirements and a number of templates for different types of logging (e.g. soil; hard rock; geotechnical; trial pit; etc.) can be built up.

GeoMEM developed one of the first commercially available borehole / core logging programs between 1983 and 1986 (Drillog - Drillog 5). As a DOS application Drillog had a useful life until the mid 1990s but never made the transition to Windows. So we now offer the following proven borehole logging programs:

  • LogPlot (from Rockware, Inc.) is of the same vintage and successfully made the transition from DOS to Windows and through all the Windows changes since then. It is a powerful and very versatile graphic log production application that applies to almost all aspects of core logging in all sectors of the industry.
    LogPlot integrates with Rockwares RockWorks geological data management, databasing, analysis, presentation and reporting software.
  • Strater (from Golden Software, Inc.) is a relative newcomer in the borehole log production area (first released in 2004). It provides the high quality solution we expect from Golden Software at a reasonable price and has just reached version 3 (at the time of writing) - so can be considered a mature software product. A good solution for those needing to produce borehole logs on a budget without sacrificing versatility or customisation options.
  • AppleCore (from Dr. Mike Ranger) is probably the de-facto standard for borehole logging on Apple Mac Computer systems at a reasonable price. AppleCore was originally developed for the Oil and Gas sector but now encompasses most other sectors of the industry. If you prefer to use Apple computers and laptops then this is the borehole log production software for you. Both Personal and Corporate licensing makes it available to individuals and companies alike. A Windows version of AppleCORE was officially released on 1st July 2014.

Demo or trialware versions of these Borehole Logging programs are available via our web form.