Recent projects completed by GeoMEM

This page lists recent projects completed by GeoMEM for clients. These are anonymised except where specific permission has been given to show the clients name.

March 2013: Instrument calibration system

GeoMEM completed a software development project involving:

  • Control of power supply units (via GPIB I/F boards)
  • Reading magnetometers (via proprietary board/driver system)
  • Reading and control an instrument (via proprietory control language)

The software application was developed in C# in Visual Studio 2010 with some conversion of code from earlier Visual Basic 6 software.
We originally intended to use Windows Forms for the user interface, but changed to Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) utilising Caliburn.Micro for better screen display and user interaction.

In the final stages moved to VS2012 / .NET 4.5 to utilise the power of the async/await methods for communications processes.
Extensive use of Unit Tests (xUnit) for most code to help ensure product quality and ease of further development/maintenance.

Deployment for testing and debugging was made using the MicroSoft ClickOnce technology for quick and easy updating as new versions were made available.

Throughout the project a Mercurial/ Bitbucket source control system was used to ensure code and development safety.

This was an interesting and challenging project using many of GeoMEMs specialist skills:

  • Updating from "legacy" code
  • Serial type communication with various devices
  • Specific data processing/calculations
  • User interface design
  • Unit tests
  • Remote installation and testing

If you have a specialised software development project in mind - please contact us to discuss. Total commercial confidentiality is assured at all stages.

May 2012: Historical Borehole Survey re-processing

Client required reprocessing of borehole survey raw data from about twenty, 30 year old surveys for a initial evaluation of a possible exploration project.

This involved:

  • Entering and re-formatting survey data
  • Merging some multiple data sets into single survey
  • Adapting existing survey software to work with old format data
  • Reprocessing entire set of borehole surveys using adapted software
  • Providing results in tabular and graph form.
  • Providing report on the expected accuracy and precision of these historical surveys.

If you need old or recent borehole data re-processed or analysed, especially for the FlexIT SmartTool, Reflex Maxibor or Reflex EMS systems please contact GeoMEM to discuss and obtain a quotation.