GeoMEM customer services

As well as supplying third party scientific, geological and related software and borehole instrumentation, GeoMEM offers the following services:

Software design and development

Software design and development using the latest development tools and systems. Software development expertise has been built up since 1978 on a wide variety of operating systems, hardware and development platforms. Main experience in developing geological and field instrumentation systems. Small to medium projects undertaken. Click Software Development Services to find out more.

Software and instrument training

Software and instrument training: Training courses provided for selected third party software applications and for borehole survey instruments. Software training can be carried out at the customers offices (on-site) or remotely using computer to computer links. Please use the following links to find out more:

Software Technical Support

Software support for both third party and in-house developed software. Find out more here: SOFTWARE SUPPORT

Legacy software support

Support for legacy software systems developed by GeoMEM, including: Reflex SProcess; FlexIT MeasureIT/DisplayIT; FlexIT GyroMeasureIT/GyroDisplayIT; Reflex GyroMeasure/GyroDisplay.

Custom / bespoke programming

Custom / bespoke programming of Golden Software applications (including Surfer) using the in-built Scripting language. Find out more here: CUSTOMISE GOLDEN SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS

Free support and reference resources

A number of free resources, documents and links related to third party software support, borehole survey instruments and operation and GeoMEMs own software systems. Go to our FREE RESOURCE ZONE