• Overview of Geo-reka

    Geo-reka: Boreholes & litho surfaces

    Geo-reka is a high-quality, low cost interactive 3D and sectional viewer for geological data. It allows you to combine drilling data, wireframes, polylines, geo-referenced images, GIS, grids (VMINE blockmodels, Geosoft GXF and SGems) and point sets.

    The straightforward interface combined with the direct link between 3D and sections makes it a very powerful visualisation and communication tool for your company. Simply generate sections (or a batch) and use them for further evaluation or processing: For example: For mine planning with dXmQ from Rockmate.

    The process is made even easier through the Workflow Builder plug-in module.

  • Straightforward to use

    Visualization of data is very simple and easy to learn (no need for extensive/expensive training!). After import the data is immediately shown in the 3D view so there is no need to make adjustments or tweak settings. Furthermore, due to the direct link between the views, any change made in one view is updated immediately in the other views. This makes the switching back and forth from section view to 3D views really easy.

    Modular design

    Geo-reka was developed so that the Geo-reka viewer application can be extended with additional modules (plug-ins). This allows you to buy only the modules that you require. A very useful plug-in is the Workflow Builder that extents the viewers ability to process data using a workflow process.


    State-of-the-art 3D graphics

    State-of-the-art graphics allow you to use large datasets and still interact with the data dynamically. Datasets of over 10,000 holes have been imported and used with ease. The quality of the graphics allows you to impress even the most demanding customer (a colleague, your boss, a client or a third party).


    Geo-reka and the WorkFlow module represent excellent value for money for a technical product of this type.
    At GeoMEM we consider that this system rivals others costing 10 times as much. The price paid is a one-off cost - no on-going annual support charges!
    Please phone GeoMEM for pricing.


    A major benefit of the modular approach is that it is easy for Geo-reka developers to build customised operations into the system. This means that the look and feel remains the same (no learning curve) while you get extensions that target your unique problems.

    Operating Systems

    Geo-reka is designed to work on 64-bit Windows systems. It has been tested on Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems. It should work on 64-bit Vista.
    Because of the high quality 3D graphics NVidia or AMD graphics cards are required. Intel graphics cards may work but are not supported because of known problems running 3D applications.


    Interactive sectional view

    Geo-reka: Interactive Cross Sections

    The sectional view (2D - on the right) of the data is linked to a cutting plane in the 3D view (on the left). This means that when the cutting plane is moved in 3D space, the sectional view is dynamically updated. By setting a ‘thickness’ to the cutting plane you can define a slab and use the controls to step through each slab. The sectional view will update and show where a drillhole enters and exits that slab. Display labels, colours and values are controlled by settings for the various display objects - all under your control.


    Detachable windows of views

    Geo-reka: Detachable Windows

    The 3D and the 2D windows can be detached and moved individually. This allows you to have both the 3D and 2D section views side by side or on multiple screens.

    The 2D cross section in the left hand window is defined by the red section "rectangle" in the 3D image on the right. The 2D cross section is updated immediately when the position or orientation of the red section plane is changed in the 3D view.


    Multiple Drill (Borehole) Data Sets

    Geo-reka: Multiple sets of drill data

    Geo-reka is not restricted to one drill set. This is very useful for comparing various drilling campaigns. Each drill set will appear as a separate object in the list and its (colour) settings can be individually controlled.


    Usability - based on simple and fast steps

    Geo-reka: Usability - simple steps

    Import and visualization have been simplified as much as possible. This means it only takes a few steps to view drilling data and only one step to visualize surfaces, points, polylines etc. Geo-reka automatically assigns colours that can be adjusted to your liking after import. Validating or discovering which object is which can be done by clicking on it in the 3D window. This also pops up the Settings dialogue for the selected object.


    Geo-reka: Interactive visual inspection

    Interactive visual inspection of data is done by left clicking an object to show the value(s) associated with a point, drilling data interval, grid point, surface location or GIS object.

    Upper Left image shows Au/Ag assay values for a drill hole interval; Upper Right shows elevation of a point on surface; Lower Left shows elevation on a point surface; Lower Right a GFX property.

    A number of tools help to enhance visual aspects of your data set: Z-Axis stretch; Object transparency; Point and Line size.


    Advanced colour settings

    Geo-reka: Advanced colour options and settings

    Object colours can be assigned in different ways. A continuous colour scale is automatically assigned by default to data with values (e.g. assays or elevation). The scale can be manually adjusted to clip outliers/anomalies or you can change the colour scale completely. Also, objects can be coloured by setting value ranges. This allows you to apply a specific colour to a cut-off range or a range of elevations for example.


    Filtering data

    Geo-reka: Data filtering

    Any dataset that has values associated with it (drill sets, point sets, surfaces, grids) can be filtered dynamically. There are three options to filter the data: 1) specify a range of values, 2) use a slider to set the minimum cut-off within the range specified in option 1, or 3) colour by ranges and select the ranges to show. The example shows drill hole Assay data filtering using a minimum cut-off of 3.66.

  • Data formats and processing

    Input Data Formats

    • Points: CSV and VTK.
    • Drill Data: CSV and VMINE.
    • Wireframes / solids: DXF, gOcad TSurf, Datamine, VTK, Wavefront OBJ, Surfer .grd, USGS DEM, USGS DTM, ArcInfo grid file, TIF elevation file, JPG elevation file, PNG elevation file
    • Grids: GeoSoft Grid eXchange (GXF), VMINE Block models, SGems C-Grids
    • Polylines: DXF, VTK, gOcad PLINE
    • GIS: ArcInfo shape files (.shp) and MapInfo (.tab)
    • Georeferenced images: jpg, png, tiff. Georeference data in world file (.wld, .jpw, .pgw, .tgw) or MapInfo (.tab)


    Geo-reka is optimized for 64Bit machines to allow it to handle large data sets. 800MB text files with Lidar point data (millions of points) have been imported and processed successfully as well as drill data sets with thousands of holes.

    Data format references

    • VMINE - an initiative by Dr. Steve Henley (original developer of Datamine) for new mine planning software. Full details including formats available.
    • VTK (Visualization Toolkit) - an open-source, freely available software system for 3D computer graphics, image processing and visualization.
  • The Geo-reka Workflow Builder - for easy processing


    The Workflow Builder is an extension (Add-on) to the Geo-reka base viewer. It is a flexible and easy to learn package that allows you to create, manipulate or otherwise change the data. It features ways to create contour lines, export objects, create surfaces from points and even create shells from point data.

    The workflow builder allows you to process the data by setting up a workflow of items (process "boxes" linked by flow arrows). Each intermediate result can be stored for later import into the Geo-reka Base Viewer or the final result will be displayed in the Geo-reka Base Viewer directly (without the need to import).

    The Workflow Builder is a "must-have" Add-on to the Base Viewer system! All processing will become part of this flexible and versatile tool. No more need for scripts, just set up the workflow and save it, then re-use it wherever and whenever you need it!

    Workflow Builder Advantages

    • The ability to save a workflow including all parameter settings means the same workflow can be used over and over again, including in other projects or with different input.
    • Reporting is relatively simple by taking a screenshot of the workflow.
    • Making adjustments is very simple.
    • Learning how the software works is quick and easy.
    • Alternative scenarios can be easily tested and compared.
    • Integration with the Base Viewer means all results are displayed immediately.
    • Customized and new items are relatively easy to add.
  • Request a 30 day trial

    You can obtain a 30 day trial version of Geo-reka Base Viewer, Geo-reka Base Viewer PLUS Workflow Builder, and Current User manual through the request form here (Geo-reka trial form page)


Standard prices Ex. VAT Inc. VAT  
Geo-reka Base Viewer (single licence) £325.00 £390.00  
Geo-reka Workflow Builder-Add-on (single licence) £499.00 £598.80  
Geo-reka Base Viewer+Workflow Builder (single licence) £799.00 £958.80