• Description

    The DeviDip is a simplified version of the DeviTool Standard with the same rugged design but a shorter length. The DeviDip can be run within core barrels whilst drilling and so is a good choice for core orientation systems (it is part of the DeviCore system).

    The DeviDip uses three high-accuracy accelerometers. It records inclination, toolface, temperature, gravity vector and battery status. Time intervals can be set from 5 seconds upwards.

    The DeviDip has been used for orientation of tools at inclinations less than 1.5 degrees from the vertical with perfect results. The tool is used as a steering tool for the DeviDrill, but can also be used together with other instruments, such as wedges and downhole motors.

    The DeviDip communicates with a PDA by wired connection for speed and security. The results can be viewed on the PDA screen in field once the data is downloaded from the tool. The data can thereafter be further processed in DeviSoft, analyzed, plotted and reported to the client.

  • The Kit

    DeviDip Tool

    The DeviDip tool and the rugged field computer. Top left image shows DeviDip in a core barrel (for illustration purposes only - not included as part of the DeviDip system).


  • Technical data


    Tool type: NON MAGNETIC. Inclination and Toolface Angles only.

    Data recorded / generated:

    • Inclination (dip).  Accuracy: +/- 0.2°
    • Toolface. Accuracy: +/- 0.2°
    • Temperature
    • Gravity vector
    • Battery status

    Dimensions / Weight:

    • Weight: 0.7 kg / 1.54 lbs
    • Diameter (outer): 30 mm / 1.18 in.
    • Length: 495 mm / 19.5 in.


    Direct connect (cable) serial communications for speed, reliability and convenience.

    Field device:

    Rugged Mobile Windows handheld unit for survey tool setup, survey start, survey download and result presentation.


    Product brochure

    Full Devico product brochure here (19 Mb pdf) (all Devico products and services).


    About Devico

    Complete information about the developer/manufacturer of this survey instrument on their web site at www.devico.com


For pricing information please contact GeoMEM