PDA software for controlling all Devico Instruments

  • DeviSoft.Mobile


    DeviSoft.Mobile™ is Devico’s PDA software which operates all Devico Borehole Surveying Tools:

    • DeviFlex (non-magmetic survey tool)
    • DeviShot (latest magnetic survey tool)
    • PeeWee (older series magnetic survey tool)
    • DeviCore (core orientation tool)

    The software will automatically detect which of the Devico tools is connected. Just "plug and play".

    DeviSoft Mobile allows direct access to the results after downloading from the tool with a plot function of the borehole at different angles - including rotation of the view.

    It is also possible to run multiple surveys without downloading thus saving time where multiple short surveys are required (for example: when surveying blast or grout holes).

    The software is translated to, and operates in, several languages.

    DeviSoft.Mobile™ comes pre-installed on the PDA delivered by Devico with your borehole survey instrument.

    See where your borehole went - in the field...

    DeviSoft.Mobile Plot Screen

    Click RIGHT for more details...


    Updated software is available from Full Devico product brochure here (19 Mb pdf).

  • Menu/Online display


    The Main Menu screen: Select the operation you need. The top line shows the auto-detected tool type and serial number.

    DeviSoft Mobile Main Menu

    Survey: Start a new survey session
    Result: View stored survey data
    Utility: Online view, set-up, options, units, quality check settings.


    Online view (via Utility option) displays the Azimuth, Inclination, Gravity Toolface and Battery State of the connected tool.

    DeviSoft.Mobile Online view

    This is useful to check that the instrument is working correctly before running a survey.

    G. Tf = Gravity Toolface (tool rotation angle).

  • Settings


    The Units settings screen: Set the units for your surveys.

    DeviSoft.Mobile Units Settings

    Large "toggle" buttons allow easy selection of Metres/Feet and Celsius/Fahrenheit


    Data Quality Check settings

    DeviSoft.Mobile Quality Checks

    To check data quality Set Quality Checks by tool. Magnetic parameters depend on location.
    Individual quality checks can be switched On or Off, as required.

  • Surveying 1


    Survey Start screen: Set the name and timing items for the survey.
    Quickly set-up and start your survey.

    DeviSoft.Mobile Start Survey Setup

    "Soft" keyboard for survey name input (using PDA stylus).
    Start Time allows pre-survey delay.
    Time Interval = interval between measurements.


    Ready to take the first reading:

    DeviSoft.Mobile First

    Depth and Interval easily changed during survey. Large buttons = easy to operate!
    Press green Mark button to take measurement (next page).

    Tool is disconnected during survey hence the "No tool detected" in title.

  • Surveying 2


    Measurement in progress:

    DeviSoft.Mobile Measurement in progress

    "Mark" button red whilst measurement taken.

    All controls are disabled during measurement to avoid data loss.


    In-survey options menu:

    DeviSoft.Mobile Options menu during survey

    These Options are available during a Survey Session. New Survey allows multiple surveys in one session (blast holes). Undo removes last measurement. Survey Out starts a new survey out - for In/Out paired survey.

  • Results


    Result table

    Results include: Depth; Azimuth (Az); Inclination (Incl); Northing; Easting; Elevation as well as gravity and magnetic data.

    DeviSoft.Mobile Results Table

    Collar info: View/edit collar data. Plot path (see right). Export data to various file types. Quality view data quality analyses.


    2D / 3D graphic plot

    DeviSoft.Mobile Options menu during survey

    View the borehole path in 2D or 3D (with animated rotation).

    End of hole offsets are also provided.

  • Support


    With over 20 years experience in the development, testing and maintenance of borehole surveying software GeoMEM is pleased to have been involved in the specifying and development of DeviSoft.Mobile from 2011.

    Because of this close working relationship with Devico, GeoMEM offers in-depth knowledge and expertise in the operation of your Devico field software when used with your Devico Borehole Survey instrument (when supplied by GeoMEM - we do not provide support to users who have obtained Devico Tools from other sources).

    Software updates are made available (from the Devico web site) to tool users, free of charge, as and when they are released.



    DeviSoft.Mobile is under continuous development using the latest software development techniques and driven by the requirements and suggestions of users world-wide.

    The software is used by Devico's own Directional Drilling Teams around the world and so first hand feedback comes from both internal and external users for product development and improvement.


For pricing information please contact GeoMEM