RockWorks Utilities

An indispensible collection of geological mapping, modeling, analysis and display tools.

Rockware Utilities now part of RockWorks 16 suite

With the release of RockWorks 16 Rockworks Utilities are now RockWorks Level 2.

For pricing information please see RockWorks 16



Contour Maps

  • Line and colour contour maps
  • Custom colour tables for 3D surfaces
  • Plot with point/symbol maps and map layers such as DXF, Shapefiles and aerial photos

3D Surfaces and Terrain Models

  • Custom colour tables for 3D surfaces
  • Easily display multiple 3D surfaces in one RockPlot3D window
  • Drape Images, DXF and Shapefiles over 3D surfaces

Gridding Tools

  • 12 interpolation methods for xyz data
  • Additional interpolation tools include Declustering, Densification, Logarithmic interpolation, High-Fidelity, Smoothing and a Maximum Distance Filter
  • Grid statistics and volume calculations
  • Easily manipulate grids using Grid Math, Resampling and Filter tools
  • Grid editor allows you to change grid cell values or manually smooth areas
  • Directional tools include trend surface analysis, vector maps, strike and dip maps, and more
  • Import/Export grids from ArcGIS, AutoCAD, DEMs and more
  • Manually create a Stratigraphic block model from a list of grids
  • Morph from one grid to another to create AVI animation

Solid Modeling Tools

  • 8 interpolation methods for xyzg data
  • Additional interpolation tools such as Logarithmic and High-Fidelity Interpolation
  • View 3D solid models as isosurfaces, or use the "all voxels" option.
  • Solid models can be used to create 3D fence diagrams, and 2D cross-sections and maps
  • Solid statistics and volume calculations
  • Easily use grid surfaces as upper and lower boundaries
  • Morph from one solid to another to create AVI animation
  • Boolean operations for analysis of overburden and ore/waste thickness


  • Easy reports for X, Y, Thickness data
  • Grid-based volume report allows for filtering based on Stripping Ratio, Thickness, Polygon boundaries and Distance to control points
  • Pit Optimization and Overburden mapping based on 3D solid models

Piper diagrams, Stiff plots and other hydrology/hydrochemistry

  • Drawdown diagram and grids based on the Theis equation
  • Hydrographs
  • Ion Balance and TDS calculations
  • Piper diagrams showing TDS circles
  • Stiff diagrams and Stiff diagram maps
  • 3D particle flow diagrams

Stereonets, rose diagrams and other structural geology tools

  • Fracture maps and densities
  • Rose diagrams and Stereonets
  • Strike and dip maps
  • Plane rotation and intersection
  • Movement analysis

Point and Multivariate Symbol Maps

  • Unique symbols and colours with automatic label offsets
  • Create 2D Bubble 3D Spherical diagrams
  • Multivariate mapping tools include Stiff diagrams, radial spider charts, pie charts, starburst charts and bar graphs

Land Grid Maps

  • RockWare LandBase public domain data included
  • Import Land Grid information from Whitestar, IHS, Tobin, and TMC datasets
  • Spot wells and lease boundaries based on land grid data and legal descriptions

3D Objects

  • Graphic tools for creating 3D Tanks, Buildings, Arrows, Tubes, Discs, Spheres
  • Graphic tools for displaying images as vertical and horizontal panels

Statistical Tools

  • Univariate statistics reports
  • Single and multi histogram plots
  • Scatter plots with best fit lines
  • Ternary diagrams

Geotechnical Tools

  • Slope/Aspect Analysis
  • Vector maps
  • Movement Analysis


  • Data imports: ASCII, DBF, DXF, Garmin Txt, Geonics EM-38, GPL (Delorme), GSM-19, Laser Atlanta (Survey Data), ModPath, NEIC Earthquake data, RockBase, SEG-P1,WCS, XLS
  • Data Exports: ASCII, DBF, XLS
  • Graphic Imports: DXF, Shapefile, DLG, E00, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, WMF, EMF, PNG, GIF, TGA, PCX, AFI, VST
  • 2D Graphic Exports: DXF, BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF, WMF, EMF
  • 3D Graphic Exports: ESRI Shapefile, DXF, BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF
  • Grid Imports: Lidar XYZ, ASCII, Bitmap, DEM, Geosoft GXF, ESRI ASCII, Surfer (binary and ASCII)
  • Grid Exports: ASCII Matrix, ASCII XYZ, DXF Matrix, Geosoft GXF, ESRI ASCII, Surfer (binary and ASCII)


  • Coordinate conversion from Lat/Long to UTM
  • 2D and 3D Survey Utilities and Maps


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