Golden Software Licensing changes

Posted on Friday, 30th December 2016

Changes to Golden Software product licensing and delivery

We're delighted to announce that Golden Software have just changed their delivery method from physical pack shipment to electronic delivery.

This has two excellent benefits for you as a GeoMEM customer:

  1. Immediate price reduction as the high cost of international shipping and import fees are removed. Also no postage charge is involved from GeoMEM.
  2. The software can be delivered speedily - usually well within one working day.

There are also some new licensing options and a new maintenance plan for Surfer and Grapher:

  1. A Concurrent Licence (per seat cost basis) - also known as "network" or "floating" licence. This has been requested for many years by larger company and university / research organisations and has, at last, been provided by Golden Software.
  2. Annual Maintenance charge replaces the current "pay per major upgrade" method. The first years maintenance is included in the original purchase price. The Annual Maintenance charge includes all software upgrades in that year. This avoids the situation where a customer buys a version of software shortly before a major upgrade release and is faced with the upgrade charge to keep up to date.

You can check out the licensing information on our Golden Software Licensing page.

These changes are welcomed by GeoMEM because they bring Golden Software into line with most other software suppliers - resulting in lower prices from savings in costs and shorter delivery times with electronic delivery. We see this as a very positive step for all and a great start to 2017.