The Devico "Profit Advantage Warranty Programme"

All DEVICO borehole survey tools come with the

Profit Advantage Warranty (PAW) Programme.

The Profit Advantage Warranty is simple. It offers 24 months of warranty cover on the survey instrument with a maximum repair cost of €3000 on any single repair so long as the instrument is submitted to Devico as proof of ownership and the damage sustained.

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The PAW Programme is unique in the drilling industry and is already helping Devico customers around the world with its commitment to substantial cost savings for tool repair.

Compared to the Devico Profit Advantage Warranty Programme, other instrument companies offer insignificant warranties and costly repair bills. The Devico Warranty lasts for twice the period of the average competitive warranty and it guarantees a bill of no more than the maximum repair cost, no matter what the condition of the equipment.


The PAW Programme in action


In Canada, Cabo Drilling Corp. saw its Devico survey instrument badly damaged at a job site – it was literally broken into two parts. Cabo sent the tool to the Devico Canadian repair site, managed by Jexplore Inc. The instrument was within Devicos 24 month Profit Advantage Warranty Programme. It was forwarded to Devico Head Office in Norway and repaired within five business days. Apart from the impressively fast turnaround, Cabo Drilling was thrilled to discover that the repair cost was less than €3000. With Devico’s competitors, the product would have been declared as scrap and the customer would have had to pay the full cost of replacement. Under the Devico warranty program; Cabo Drilling saved more than CAD$30,000 (about €21,000).

In Australia, several customers have experienced dramatic savings on repair costs under the Profit Advantage Warranty Programme. In rough drilling site environments, damage of directional and surveying equipment can happen often. So almost every company has experienced the high cost of repair bills from Devico’s competitors when their Gyro instruments get damaged. The new Deviflex product with its unparalleled warranty programme maximizes the drillers profit through high quality results from surveys with the reassurance of low repair costs if and when damage occurs. The Australian drilling companies have consistently praised the ruggedness of the Deviflex non-magnetic instrument and the ability to survey inside rods with no concern about the implications of equipment damage.


The Devico Profit Advantage Warranty Programme:

  • Demonstrates Devicos' ongoing commitment to providing the best after sales support to its customers
  • Provides peace of mind when surveying - it removes (most of) the horror when that truck drives over your expensive survey instrument or you realise you have just dropped it 100 m down a dry hole or rammed it into the bottom of the hole.
  • Is available for all DEVICO survey instruments:
    • DeviFlex - non magnetic survey instrument
    • PeeWee - magnetic survey instrument
    • DeviCore - core orientation tool

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