Company History

2010-Present: GeoMEM involved in software development and consultancy for DEVICO.

2012: GeoMEM relinquishes DAT INSTRUMENTS agency to concentrate on software development and DEVICO borehole survey instruments.

2010: GeoMEM appointed as representatives of DEVICO borehole survey instruments (Norway) and DAT INSTRUMENTS drill data acquisition/automation (Italy) for the UK and Ireland.

2009: Imdex (owner of FlexIT) terminates all FlexIT Help Centre contracts (change of company policy). GeoMEM no longer supplies FlexIT instruments

2006: GeoMEM is appointed as a FlexIT Help Centre to supply and support their survey instruments

2005: GeoMEM contracted by FlexIT to develop GUI software for their innovative MEMS Gyro instrument (GyroSmart) and to develop field control software for their SmartTool on a Pocket PC.

2004: GeoMEM becomes incorporated and a limited company

2000-2004: GeoMEM provides support and training for both FlexIT and Reflex companies.

1999: GeoMEM contracted by FlexIT of Sweden (Borehole survey instruments) to develop Windows field and PC software for their SmartTool instrument.

1992: GeoMEM contracted to develop processing and display software for Reflex Instruments EMS instrument.

1990: GeoMEM starts reselling Rockware geological software. Adds other products to the range. Involved in Channel Tunnel final link survey (Service tunnel – Reflex Maxibor)

1989: Contracted by Reflex Instrument of Sweden to develop processing and display field software for their Maxibor survey instrument.

1988-1990: Development of SIVPRO – sieved soils analysis software and FDS – a barcode based field data capture system. Integration of GeoMEM programs with Surfer and Grapher.

1987: GeoMEM starts reselling Golden Software’s Surfer and Grapher products.

1986: MEMSoft renamed to GeoMEM Software (short form of Geological and Mineral Exploration Microcomputer Software). DRILLOG supplied to UK Mining and Quarrying companies.

1985: MEMSoft established. Development of DRILLOG core logging program (DOS). One of the first commercially available.