Biography of Dr. James Tweedie

James Tweedie, director of GeoMEM Ltd., is a geologist by training with experience in both the academic/research environment and in metals/mineral exploration. He founded GeoMEM in June 1985 to develop geological software for the exploration and mining industry in the UK.

He is a professional Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of Institution of Analysts and Programmers.

He started his career as a geologist having gained a 2-1 honours degree in Geology at Aberdeen University in 1976. He was awarded a PhD in 1982 for his investigation of Uranium and other metal mineralisations in the North of Scotland (Caithness flagstones and the Helmsdale granite) and was awarded the William Frecheville student prize in 1980 for his research paper based on this work. During 1979-80 he was employed by the Geology Department of Aberdeen University as and developed software for processing and filtering XRF data.

He worked as an exploration geologist with Consolidated Goldfields at Gairloch (Wester Ross, Scotland) on their copper/gold/zinc stratiform deposit between 1980 and 1983. It was at this time that he developed several geological software applications (on the original Commodore PET) for VLF survey processing and borehole log production. Also became skilled at interpreting VLF profiles for exploration usage.

Leaving Goldfields in 1983 he moved to Germany and joined Munich based consultants Berger and Co for 1 year then became director of Boston Computer also based in Munich. Both employments involved the development of software and supply of hardware to the German and East European markets. In 1985 he returned to Scotland to set up his own business developing and supplying Geological software to the UK market. Initially this was based on a single borehole logging product called Drillog (this was one of the first available on the UK market) and on software development and software conversion contracts with major exploration and mining companies.

In the early nineties he was involved in Field Data Systems, developing a bar code based data logging system for exploration based core logging. This was initially developed for Hanson Aggregates but was also purchased by other companies such as Rio Tinto Zinc (for their Coal Exploration division). In 1996 Field Data Systems Ltd. won a SMART award to develop a voice based data capture system for gathering descriptive field data (such as borehole logging, environmental data, forestry etc.). This project proceeded to an advanced stage but terminated due to the increasing availability of low cost voice systems on Pocket PC systems.

James has been closely involved in the design and development of software to control borehole survey instrumentation and process data from these systems, successfully combining his field geological knowledge with software development to produce applications that meet the requirements of field personnel and field conditions.

James is also an enthusiastic and experienced hillwalker and mountaineer who enjoys Scotlands hills (high and low) in all seasons.